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About Us - IMustTell

About Us :

About us

IMustTell.com is a NazFusion Ecommerce & Marketing production.  People have two faces; one for outside world, the green face in the logo, and other one is for themselves and for their inner sanctity, the red face, who comes out at absence of acquaintance or at dire times, sometimes we could control them and sometimes we cannot.

We all put up a brave face in front of friends and family, but there is a hidden self that everyone hides inside them that they are afraid of sharing, which is in my opinion is the real human nature, the “Hidden-Sapien”. This site is created to help people take off the “Mask” that we wear every day, and release the real face which is the “Hidden-Sapien”, and share with the world in a sober storytelling style about who they are, what they did, how they did the what they did, and what happened. A PEN Name will be created to hide your face from getting identified by your friends, and this site is craftily done so that you are not exposed of any sort, but you will have to be caution, not to put people's information and expose yourself.

We are compiling stories of these sightings souls, the activity that these “Hidden-sapiens”, whether it is yours or someone else’s like your in-laws. We are not collecting confessionals or secrets, but the stories behind the actions of these “Hidden-sapiens”. We want people to learn how human mind works from the inside of a human mind various human condition that they face.

Through IMustTell.com, people can cope with the inner voice that wants to come out but cannot because of the social persona that we have created for the rest of the world or vice versa - the world has created this unseen & unwanted barrier. This site will help them come out and be the person that who they really are. On the process, people around the world will be able to read these stories and learn about different human conditions. Who know, maybe these stories could help them understand their lives better.

This website was my dream for the last 10 years. After, I got laid off, I did not have the money to take my newly wed wife to expensive dates as we used to, so we created our own way to enjoy ourselves, on the process I came about this idea. We like to discuss about human condition, so we would go to the mall and sit there with our snacks and we would discuss with each other, about what the passerby are thinking, or what is happening to their lives. Then we thought, would not it be great to compile these people's inner thoughts and pain, then share it with the world and observe the impact that could make in people’s lives. We realized the best name for the site would be “I Must Tell”, because we have noticed that when we really want to tell our regular stories we say "I must tell my story", so that's how we came up with the name of the site.

Now that Social Media is a widespread phenomenon, we have decided to integrate it to this site. We have added features for they users to tell their friends about the site without exposing their own “PEN Name” and also they can tell their worldly friends in various Social Media sites about which stories they think is interesting. Another feature is “Realitell Channel” with which you could follow your favorite writer and follow the story line, add their favorite stories to their bookmarks, add comment and have a virtual conversation.

To organize the stories, we have created categorical system with description of what can be written here, I hope we have done a good job, but you can also suggest us on what other topics people could write about.

Wish you a great journey in the "World of Hidden-Sapien", I hope you also join the coming out party of "Hidden-Sapien" by releasing your in IMustTell.com.