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How To Use Imusttell

How to use

Browse through the broad categories. Read the reality stories of people. Analyze to learn lessons from them, if there are any. Leave comments, rate them, start a discussion, like them to your social media. Become a fan of that writer and follow their life stories. You can even ban a story, if you think the story is beyond decency.

Please do not write any stories sensual to nature and of activism, there are other sites for those stories, we are creating a sober sanctuary for regular normal people who need a medium to tell their untold stories, it could be your confessions.

Tell your friends about IMustTell.com thru our "Let your friends know" or by "Initiate Your Anit-Social Cocoon" feature, when they sign up they will not be able to see your stories and visa-versa on this anti-social network site. If you have any stories that you want to get out of your chest  or want to confess about then create an account, make a "Pen Name" for you, do not share your "Pen Name" with anyone.  We have created a mechanism which will allow you to block your friends from viewing your stories and create an Anti-social Cocoon around you.

When you write your stories please change the names of the people or real identity of the individual or an institution, so that they could not find out that you are talking about them.  And if an institute is identified in your story, IMustTell.com's and the sister sites' operators will not take any responsibilty of the break of this infringment.  Be very discreet, and if you by any chance feel that you got caught or hurt someone's feelings.  Although, there is a feature, where you could always get enrolled on to our Witness Protection Plan, we programmed a strategy which will give you a new pen name and will hide all your stories from site, but it will be only available for you to view. You will be able to apply for protection up to 3 times, and after that you will have to earn or buy the rights to go on to Witness Protection Plan.  This witness protection will work only at the display level to the audience.

When you sign up, you will get a home page called the "MyHideOut", where you will be able to keep track of all your hidden sapien's activities, such as your stories or confessions, your audiences, your RealiTell Channels (other interesting Hidden-sapiens), and also you will also be able to update your mood of the moment, and update the state of mind of your hidden-sapien (the raw feeling which you cannot share in the main stream social media). We have created a Mood-Biomatrix module which will display your ever changing moods in a chart form to show you how your mood fluctuates over time, it would be a good monitor for you to keep track of your psychological state or parameter. Another interesting feature that we created is a side by side comparison of your friends view of you and your hidden-sapien's trait, by which your RealiTell Audience will be able to view and will be able to understand the depth of your stories.

We have also created multiple categories to guide you to present your stories, each story is also grouped by different ways, such as by mood, angle and genre of the story, this is done to create a feeling that it is like a Reality show but you are telling it to the people by your stories of you daily life hence we coined the term "Reali" & "Tell" as in "RealiTell". When you subscribe to other peoples stories, they are added to your "RealiTell Channels" and the people who subscribe to you, they are called your "RealiTell Audiences".

In order to be a good RealiTeller and have other RealiTeller add you to their channels, you will have to write the story in a story telling manner, where you could release your inner voice very eloquently. In the process, you will be able to keep track of your hidden-sapien, and by reading other people's RealiTell stories, you could discover perspective of how their' hidden-sapiens living their daily lives. Who know it could be a turning point of your life, it could open your mind.

Get yourself a HideOut and start the journey.  Happy RealiTelling.