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"It has to happen to me". Everyone has a story, where Murphy's Law can be applies to. In this category of IMustTell.com, tell us your stories and read about others and laugh about the factor of coincidence.
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The Line Cutter

Written by Lucky Break | View (1530) | Worth Reading (1)
Mood Anxious - Sad way Angle Trying to vent

We went to the Carnival that we are having at our town,  my wife and I were standing in the line to get our special offering that was being given away, this family just cut in front of our line. Well, here is the story, it was a huge line up, thank god that we got ourselves the tickets for that and there is no limited number of offerings. 

Anyhow, we were telling each other about the crowd is being very sober and cultured that no one is cutting line and are being very systematic. Guess what happen, it had to happen to us, not even 10 minutes went by, this family cut in front of us.  We were chatting with another family in front of us, they were nice family. 

The Line Cutting family  took possessing in front of the nice family in front of them and the father figure that the nice family, who was a big sized man, complained, and that Line Cutters gave away the spot and now taken possession in front of us.  I protested, being a small sized soft spoken guy, the Line Cutting family's father, told his wife if this guy (me) is giving you trouble then tell him and he will call security,(What the #$#@). 

Of being a small guy, I got scared, although I am know I am right, the guy was bigger than me and looked like a strong guy, who know probably is a part-time thug.   Anyhow, with my soft voice, I gently object, saying it was not fair, that they would cut line, one of the ladies of that family nicely said that they have sent the another person to stand in line (whom we never saw) to hold the line, she was nice and at this stage we decided that what can we do, we have lost the battle and we have nothing to do about it. 

But what came next, really messed up our mind, another family member an older lady said, "Do you think you are better than us?"  We fell from the sky, my god what the @$%& she just said.  I cannot mention what came to my mind at that time to do to them, but of course portraying a sober person, I could not act out.   For the rest of the time, we were thinking of what to say to them, we were very hurt not because of cutting the line but that they belittled us. At one stage, I gave in and thought that why waste our carnival mood, just forget that it ever happened. 

My wife was liked pissed of the whole time, I keep telling her just forget about it you cannot change rogue people, forgiveness is the best policy and on top of that it is ruining your day, but what do you know, I could never in my life together was able to clear her mind, so I had to listen to this from my wife the rest of the day.     

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