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Sometimes we forget how blessed we are, In this category of IMustTell.com, you will write down a list of your blessings and once in a while you will come back to view the list, whenever you feel that your life is not blessed.
Happy RealiTelling.

Got an awesome wife

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Mood Romantic in Love Angle Just want the world know

God has truly blessed me an awesome wifey, not only she is a gorgious woman, but -


  • a conscious,
  • intelligent,
  • understanding,
  • loving,
  • great cook
  • always willing to try to eat any type cuisine just to make me happy
  • always has my back,
  • financially she keeps me in track as I am an extravagant..
  • she thinks roses are waste of money
  • a very conscious spender
  • a low maintenance girl, but not cheap
  • big hearted, would try her best to accommodate anyone who comes to visit us
  • on valentines day, a simple card and a simple dinner is good enough for her,
  • she sold her jewelry when we were in need for money, and never mentioned of her sacrifice
  • a selfless person always thinking of her husband and children
  • a loving wife, my dream supporter, my partner in crime :)
  • was always with me on my ups and downs, traveled across the continent to be with me
  • took the long difficult path and led a life in unbearable circumstances so that I am not disgraced in front of others
  • very calculating
  • most of all, she is my best friend who loves me more than she loves herself

Oh God, bless her heart and keep her healthy, I truly appreciate my life.

Sorry to bore anyone who is read my blessing, I challenge you to RealiTell your blessing, and keep track of how blessed you are.  Happy RealiTelling.

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