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In our everyday life, we do something that make us feel great about ourselves, but really cannot tell about it to our friends, who might be judgemental about it. In this category of IMustTell.com, tell us about the great deed that you have done and get it off your chest. At the same time, see what people around the world are doing that made them feel great. Who know it might make the world a better place.
Happy RealiTelling.

Made a difference in my neighborhood

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Today, I am very proud of myself.  I made a difference in my neighborhood, now there is a new pedestrian crossing in front of the school here my daughter go thru.  Well, here is the RealiTell...

My daughter's school is like 4 minutes from my house.  We could see her walking and crossing the 2 roads of an T intersection to reach her school.  Only one of pedestrian crossing was painted, it is the one that is the school.  The other one was not painted and I check the drawing of the city roads, there are no crossing planned for the road.  I noticed on and off that driver are being careless, while crossing the road sometime kids would get startled from a braking car at that intersection.

Most of all, my daughter crosses that road.  So one day, I called the city and filed a complaint and provided them with the solution, I even got a call from the city official, trying to understand what I was requesting.  I explained him with maps and visualization techniques.  He answer that when spring come in 2012, they will paint the zebra crossing. 

Well, this evening when I came home, I proudly walked cross the zebra crossing, that I made happen.  I am proud and I have to brag, I am feeling great about it.  This is definitely an IMustTell.com moment.  Anyhow,  my most happiness comes from the feeling that my daughter will be safe now, is not that what I should feel, but no, my hidden-sapien is kind of gone into the bragging mode, feeling happy that I made a differences.  

Okay, I admit my hidden-sapien is narcissist, and I want the world know that I made a difference and I feel great about it.  Well, would not you?


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