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We all hear about phrases like “a bird in hand is worth more than two birds in the bush”. But what does it mean? It would be great to create a list of colloquial phases from all over the world and discuss about them. In this category of IMustTell.com, tell us the ones that you know of and how you used it, at the same time learn about other phrases that you have never heard of. You could even coin a phrase of your own and tell us about it.
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Tongue is sharper than a knife...

Written by Lucky Break | View (1142) | Worth Reading (0)
Mood Resentful - sadly Angle Trying to figure out

The saying " Tongue is sharper than a knife... " really mean what it say, it is very true. I am a victim of my own tongue, I have told off friend very dear to me although I was pushed to do it as it is not my character (I am in so much stress in life, I let the devil take over my conscious, I did it to help someone else out).

I said it so harshly, that our relationship is now suffering from broken heart. I do not know how to mend it. It seemed like our relationship bleeding out of life.

I wish I could take my words back and redo the scene again and get everything back to normal. But we do not have remote control of life to back and change for the better. Life sucks.

You know the sad thing is that people will forget the words or issues that created this situation whether it is their fault or not, but they will remember how horrible they felt for that situation. It is like the feeling of hate in your mind is like a superglue and it sticks these horrible feelings for life.

I wish I could take it back. I am really feeling horrible about the situation and I don't think I will ever forgive myself.

Tag : feelings told off argument phrase in action

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