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We dream when we fall asleep, some of them are wonderful, some of them are nightmares - it is very vivid as if we are watching a movie. In this category of IMustTell.com, Tell us about these dreams, while keeping a record of your dreams, you could have other people enjoy your dreams as well and vice-versa.
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Is it a premonition or just a dream

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Mood Devastated Angle Just want the world know

My daughter woke up few days ago from a nightmare. After comforting her, what she told me next, gave me a chill.  Here is how it went.

She woke up in her dream and as she stepped down onto her carpet, she saw a corner of that carpet was lifted and what seems like was a door on the floor.  She moved the carpet and opened the door, surprisingly the door opened to her restroom, but there was one thing different in that restroom, there is another door in attached to the wall ( which we do not have on our restroom).  Curiously she opened that door and saw her lovely mother looking outside through the window and her hair was blowing from the wind. 

She excitedly called her mom, but when she turned around, my daughter saw a monstrous face. She screamed and shut the door of the restroom and she turned around screaming, she sees both doors vanish in front of  her eyes and now she is looked in that restroom, screaming and cry because she is locked there forever.

Scary, isn’t it?  Probably to you reading this nightmare seem like a simple monster dream, but as I analysed with the circumstance that I am in, it scared the hell out of me.  Well, you see my wife is 8 month pregnant with multiple complicacy, and my wife keeps on telling me, that she has a bad feeling about this pregnancy from the beginning, she also prepped me what to do if she dies.  By the way, my daughter did predict that we were going to have a baby on the exact month the baby will be born even before we knew about the baby.

Now put them together, would not it give you the chills.  What I am interpreting is that my daughter saw the death in her mom’s face and getting locked up in the restroom is like being emotionally lost for the rest of her life.

 I don’t know how to tell my wife the interpretation of the dream, nor any of my friend and family and how I am feeling.  Every day goes by I find myself looking at her, crying inside hiding my emotion, and fearing could this be her last month of our lives together.   Each day goes by I am counting down days with a heavy heart.

Please pray for her health whoever is reading this RealiTell.

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