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We dream when we fall asleep, some of them are wonderful, some of them are nightmares - it is very vivid as if we are watching a movie. In this category of IMustTell.com, Tell us about these dreams, while keeping a record of your dreams, you could have other people enjoy your dreams as well and vice-versa.
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The Storm, a nightmare I had

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It is true that I am having a rough patch with my wife.   I am trying to accommodate her demands and needs, but in the process I am finding that I am depriving myself of my needs and my wants.  That was the reason, snapped at her the night before, and now she is giving me the silent treatment.  Boy, I hate it and it is driving me nuts.  

Well, I ended up on the dog house last night after the fight, and to make things worse, I had a nightmare where I saw my wife is stuck in the middle of a thunderstorm and lightning rods around her was getting struck with lots of sparks. I find myself screaming at her to run in to the house to safety, but she continued to limp as if there is no urgency. 

I noticed the storm coming with black clouds and lightning from the back of the house thru a window, seeing the lightning hitting every lightning rod above every house creating sparks, it frightened the hell out of me as I realized that my wife has gone to the roof deck.

 At that moment, the sky in front of the house was clear.  My wife went to the roof deck which is an extension of the house, as our house in the dream is on the penthouse with a large long deck seemed like about 100ft and it was under open sky of course and it was on the roof level.  The roof was decorated with Christmas light hangings and potted plants.  

Since it was sunny on the roof side, she went to the deck and sat on floor with her bare feet on the ground, she leaning back against the side wall which seemed like about 75 feet away from the house.  Since it was sunny on her side of the roof, she sat down to enjoy the warmth of the sun and appeared to be aloof of her surroundings.  Seemed like she was having a peaceful moment, not knowing what is about to happen to her life.

I ran from the other side of the house seeing the storm coming, which she has no idea.  On the way, I picked up my 2 year old son as he got scared from the sound of the thunders and was crying.  It was strange scene; I do not understand why he was wearing suit and tie.  By the time I reached the deck, I found my wife limping toward the furthest edge of roof. In real life, she did not have any incident to be limping.  She apparently heard some loud bangs and went to see what’s happening, not knowing that the storm is on the back of the house.   When I came to the shaded area between the house and the open sky, the edge of the storm reached the roof,  then rain started to pour in. I stopped going any further, so I stepped back in the shade; I did not want my son to get wet. 

I screamed at her from the shade to come home, as she turned around, the wind started blowing; it was a breath taking moment for me seeing her long silky hair flowing in the air.  Felt like, my heart skipped a beat.   Strangely enough, I was seeing the face of my wife when I fell head over heel in love with her. Her face was so young, innocent looking and peaceful. 

With a panicked smile confirming that she heard me, she starts to limp at fast pace, instead of running, apparently she did not understand the implication of the storm approaching her, within 20 feet of her limping, the storm caught up with her.   It was driving crazy seeing her strides, as lightning starting to lit up the sky and thunder is getting louder, I continued screaming on the top of my lung.  “Run, run!!  Don’t walk!! Are you nuts, don’t you understand the urgency, you are going to kill yourself, listen to me!!!”.  I am getting even more frustrated with her effort and continued to scream, “Please run, I don’t want you to die”, while tears were running down my eye, I continued screaming out of desperation,  “Please, please run, don’t think, listen to me, trust me!!”. By now she is already half way thru the deck, still limping. 

The deck was decorated with Christmas lighting, there were 2 separate lighting wires, one on the top and other on the bottom, they were a foot apart and was connected to each other with a zigzag diagonal pattern which was hanging from one side of the deck to the other horizontally across, they were hung  by two poles.   By the time she reached half way thru the deck, she was still speed limping when the winds of the storm caused the Christmas lighting cables, that were described above, to fall right in front of her and she gets trapped and got tangled. 

She stops moving forward in a panic attack, she was looking pale and drenched, her eyes were stone cold scared not knowing what to do next.  I am still screaming at her and crying as the thunders are getting louder and louder.    At this moment, I don’t think she can hear me anymore and she has come to the realization that she is about to die.   I kept on crying out, staying in the safe ground with my 2 years old son who is wrapped around my left side, also crying from my action, he was scared and getting traumatized, but not understanding what would happen to our lives.

 I stood there, shaking with panic attack and kept on screaming for her and ordering her frantically to untangle herself, in my point of view, there was still a chance since she has not been struck by lightning yet.  From the safety of my location, I noticed that the tangling could easily be untangled.  I screamed at her again, “Just sit down, your hand will slip off and the cables will be untangle by itself”.  She remained still frozen with stone eyed, the feeling of helplessness took over her face, as if it was her last moments of her life.  It felt like her whole life is flashing before her and seemed to be stuck in that moment, frozen in time. 

Seeing her at this situation, made me so broken hearted that my heart started to literally ache. Feeling helpless, I slowly kneel down on my knees; as tear rolled down my eyes, my instinct kicked in, I quickly put my suited son on the ground on his feet.  I got up and burst into the rain toward her as I don’t want to her to give up on life, there is still a chance to save her.  I was running as hard as I could and panting like there is no tomorrow, I screamed, “Hold on I am coming for you, I will save you”.  All of a sudden a white flash lit up the whole world in front of me and everything went blank. 

All of a sudden, I eyes opened, I woke up, the dream is over, I find myself drenched with my tears and breathing heavily, my wife was not there beside me, as I was sleeping on the couch, the dog house.  What does the dream means?  How did it end? Did I get struck by lightning? Or did she get struck? Or did we both got killed?  Was I able to save her?  Why was my son wearing a suit?  What will happen to my son? Why did I leave him alone?  What did he do after that?  Why my wife was limping? What is my subconscious telling me?  Why did I see my wife of 15 years as a young bride?  Is there a problem with me?  Am I creating my own problem?  There are so many questions.  What is my dream telling me?

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