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Our life is full of ups and downs, this ups and downs makes life go around. Everyone has a story behind their smiling face, tells us about your pain and sorrow, in the process you could help someone realize that their live is not as bad and vice-versa.
Happy RealiTelling.

My sick father became a problem for my family

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Mood Anxious - Excitedly Angle I have to share

My father is very sick. He's a dimentia patient. He gets pain on his shoulder, bone & gets burning into his eyes due to passing sleepless night. Doctor said, dimentia patient's main problem is they forget everything in every moment & also they are use to pass sleepless night.

Every night my dad burst out shouting in higher voice which disturbs us to sleep. After a tired day, everyone needs sound sleep. But we can't sleep well due to his shouting. Doctor prescribed some medicine. In this prescription has a 'Seductive' medicine too. But its not work for him.

I'm a programer. I do office whole day, also I work till late night. I do take care of my dad as much I can. But I think its not enough for him. What should I do, I'm not understanding. He needs full family support. But my wife can't tolerate him. Sometime she become angry on him. One day she left our house by saying that, if I don't out my dad she'll not be back to home. I just said her, its up to you. I can't out my dad. He's sick. She got back but almost all week she just keep talking about dad.

No one is there to understand me. One of my younger brother, he just left me by telling he can't take care of dad cause he becomes nostalgic and emotional when he sees dad's sick face. My mom is no more. I'm getting exhausted sometimes.

Oh god, please give some peace my dad. If hes not getting relief then take him to you. Please do something.

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