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Everyone has one thing in common, In-Law. Someone has wonderful ones and others cringes when they hear the word In-Laws. We all have stories about them. In this category of IMustTell.com, tell us about them, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Who knows someone might find a solution for you or you might find out that your in-laws are not bad compared to the others.
Happy RealiTelling.

What for real!

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I was on the phone talking to my Mother-in-law and telling her how amazing it was that my step daughters was talking to me and actually communicating like adults with me.

I remember saying I just dont know what I have done or what has changed, but its great.

Thats when my Mother-in-law said that it was because I had changed, I was not nearly as petty as you used to be. 

I remember feeling rather shocked and stunned but I did not repond to the comment.  Later I thought to myself is that true?  Then I realized that she only had one side of the situation to base her opinion on and that was the side of her Grand daughters, then I understood and forgave her the comment. 

It is interesting how people perceive things without all the facts and so you really need to be forgiving of them because "they know not what they do".


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