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Kids have their own mind, their interpretation of world is completely different, sometimes they will express themselves on such a way that you might be amazed. In this category, you write about your kid's stories and in return you will be able to read other people's kid's stories.
Happy RealiTelling.

Mom's womb is like a house...

Written by Lucky Break | View (2756) | Worth Reading (2)
Mood Annoyed Angle Just want the world know

Here is the setting, my daughter has been watching lots of Real Estate TV shows, and her mom is now pregnant, which has been my daughter's greatest curiosity.  There are many stories about this pregnancy and daughter, which I will tell you guys on other stories.  

Anyhow, she had a eureka moment and said, “Mom do you know that I used to own your stomach, because I used to live there, and after I was born, it went on for sale, and it was empty for last 8 years and now at last this new baby moved in.  And when the baby comes out, it will go on sale again until we have another baby.”   Mom said, “Yeah keep on wishing for another baby”.   Hold it! It was actually my daughter’s wish on the first place that this baby is being born, well, that will be another story.

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