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In this world of stress, we sometimes forget that there are people with good heart and good intentions. In our life, some incident happens that brings back your faith in humanity, that there is hope for human being. In this Category of IMustTell.com, you will tell us about these stories that you may have encountered. At the same time, you learn from other peoples’ story of the wonderful human.
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You can have my meal...

Written by Lucky Break | View (1536) | Worth Reading (1)
Mood Determined - to do good Angle Just want the world know

During lunch time, I decided to go out for lunch, I was craving for this special fried rice, so I walked about 20 minutes of course I got lost on the way to get to that restaurant. After reaching the restaurant, I had to wait in the long line, and on top of that I was tire from the walk and the summer's heat, my turn came, I ordered and the server said, "sorry we just ran out of that dish". It had to happen to me, I was broken hearted and complained that I walked from far away just for that food. At this stage, my Hidden-sapien was getting really tempered, I was about to go bolistic, but at that moment the kind gentleman in front of me, offered his meal since he got the last of that dish.

My hiddem-sapien was about to take on the offer, but right then my outer self, the green guy, turn the whole situation everything around. I thanked the gentleman for his generous offer and told him, "It was not in my destiny today to have this meal, I will come back another day, and god bless you for the offer". And guess what happened right then, the server returned the money he took from that gentleman, and said, "A kind heart gesture should not wait for blessing somewhere else when deed happened in my restaurant.".

Wow, that was nice of the owner, then the owner suggested me another dish, and wow that food was tasty, well no complains from me, I came for one thing, left with something as good while witnessing 2 act of kindness. Well, in summary, everything turns out to be fine at the end, have faith in humanity.

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