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Made a difference in my neighborhood

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Story is about : Something great I did

Today, I am very proud of myself.  I made a difference in my neighborhood, now there is a new pedestrian crossing in front of the school here my daughter go thru.  Well, here is the RealiTell...

My daughter's school is like 4 minutes from my house.  We could see her walking and crossing the 2 roads of an T intersection to reach her school.  Only one of pedestrian crossing was painted, it is the one that is the school.  The other one was not painted and ...

Got the Employee of the year award at work

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Story is about : My bragging rights

Most exciting thing happened to me, at last I got my confidence a boost, I was awarded the Employee of the Year award for working beyond my scope of work and getting things done.  Really excited but can't share this new with my friend in the other social networks, it would be embassing to brag about something people would pass judgements, if I do.  Anyhow,  I am on the top of the world, feels really great to be recognized in such a way. 

Hip hip hurray to me...