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What for real!

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Story is about : Surviving in Laws

I was on the phone talking to my Mother-in-law and telling her how amazing it was that my step daughters was talking to me and actually communicating like adults with me.

I remember saying I just dont know what I have done or what has changed, but its great.

Thats when my Mother-in-law said that it was because I had changed, I was not nearly as petty as you used to be. 

I remember feeling rather shocked and stunned but I did not repond to the comment.  L...

Time and Tide waits for none and what my daughter said.

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Story is about : What my kid said

We were telling our kid who goes to the elementary that "Time and tide waits for none" so that she speeds up her chores. She replied, "No worder we are always out of Tide detergent"....

Mom's womb is like a house...

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Story is about : What my kid said

Here is the setting, my daughter has been watching lots of Real Estate TV shows, and her mom is now pregnant, which has been my daughter's greatest curiosity.  There are many stories about this pregnancy and daughter, which I will tell you guys on other stories.  

Anyhow, she had a eureka moment and said, “Mom do you know that I used to own your stomach, because I used to live there, and after I was born, it went on for sale, and it was empty for last 8 yea...

Made a difference in my neighborhood

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Story is about : Something great I did

Today, I am very proud of myself.  I made a difference in my neighborhood, now there is a new pedestrian crossing in front of the school here my daughter go thru.  Well, here is the RealiTell...

My daughter's school is like 4 minutes from my house.  We could see her walking and crossing the 2 roads of an T intersection to reach her school.  Only one of pedestrian crossing was painted, it is the one that is the school.  The other one was not painted and ...

Is it a premonition or just a dream

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Story is about : Dream I saw last night

My daughter woke up few days ago from a nightmare. After comforting her, what she told me next, gave me a chill.  Here is how it went.

She woke up in her dream and as she stepped down onto her carpet, she saw a corner of that carpet was lifted and what seems like was a door on the floor.  She moved the carpet and opened the door, surprisingly the door opened to her restroom, but there was one thing different in that restroom, there is another door in attached to the wall ...