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The Line Cutter

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Story is about : Murphy's law

We went to the Carnival that we are having at our town,  my wife and I were standing in the line to get our special offering that was being given away, this family just cut in front of our line. Well, here is the story, it was a huge line up, thank god that we got ourselves the tickets for that and there is no limited number of offerings. 

Anyhow, we were telling each other about the crowd is being very sober and cultured that no one is cutting line and are being very sys...

The problem is not a cup of coffee, it is a cocktail.

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Story is about : Colloquial Phrases

I was having a conversation with my boss regarding a project, as I was describing him the complexity of the project, out can this phrase off my mouth, boss started to LOL, I guess I altered the the common saying. Anyhow,there ate more of the in my mind, I will eventually share....

My sick father became a problem for my family

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Story is about : My Sorrow

My father is very sick. He's a dimentia patient. He gets pain on his shoulder, bone & gets burning into his eyes due to passing sleepless night. Doctor said, dimentia patient's main problem is they forget everything in every moment & also they are use to pass sleepless night.

Every night my dad burst out shouting in higher voice which disturbs us to sleep. After a tired day, everyone needs sound sleep. But we can't sleep well due to his shouting. Doctor prescribed some medicine. In...

What for real!

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Story is about : Surviving in Laws

I was on the phone talking to my Mother-in-law and telling her how amazing it was that my step daughters was talking to me and actually communicating like adults with me.

I remember saying I just dont know what I have done or what has changed, but its great.

Thats when my Mother-in-law said that it was because I had changed, I was not nearly as petty as you used to be. 

I remember feeling rather shocked and stunned but I did not repond to the comment.  L...

Tongue is sharper than a knife...

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Story is about : Colloquial Phrases

The saying " Tongue is sharper than a knife... " really mean what it say, it is very true. I am a victim of my own tongue, I have told off friend very dear to me although I was pushed to do it as it is not my character (I am in so much stress in life, I let the devil take over my conscious, I did it to help someone else out).

I said it so harshly, that our relationship is now suffering from broken heart. I do not know how to mend it. It seemed like our relationship bleeding out of ...