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The Line Cutter

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Story is about : Murphy's law

We went to the Carnival that we are having at our town,  my wife and I were standing in the line to get our special offering that was being given away, this family just cut in front of our line. Well, here is the story, it was a huge line up, thank god that we got ourselves the tickets for that and there is no limited number of offerings. 

Anyhow, we were telling each other about the crowd is being very sober and cultured that no one is cutting line and are being very sys...

My sick father became a problem for my family

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Story is about : My Sorrow

My father is very sick. He's a dimentia patient. He gets pain on his shoulder, bone & gets burning into his eyes due to passing sleepless night. Doctor said, dimentia patient's main problem is they forget everything in every moment & also they are use to pass sleepless night.

Every night my dad burst out shouting in higher voice which disturbs us to sleep. After a tired day, everyone needs sound sleep. But we can't sleep well due to his shouting. Doctor prescribed some medicine. In...

Got an awesome wife

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Story is about : Appreciation Audit

God has truly blessed me an awesome wifey, not only she is a gorgious woman, but -


  • a conscious,
  • intelligent,
  • understanding,
  • loving,
  • great cook
  • always willing to try to eat any type cuisine just to make me happy
  • always has my back,
  • financially she keeps me in track as I am an extravagant..
  • she thinks roses are waste of money
  • a very conscious sp...

Is it a premonition or just a dream

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Story is about : Dream I saw last night

My daughter woke up few days ago from a nightmare. After comforting her, what she told me next, gave me a chill.  Here is how it went.

She woke up in her dream and as she stepped down onto her carpet, she saw a corner of that carpet was lifted and what seems like was a door on the floor.  She moved the carpet and opened the door, surprisingly the door opened to her restroom, but there was one thing different in that restroom, there is another door in attached to the wall ...

The Storm, a nightmare I had

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Story is about : Dream I saw last night

It is true that I am having a rough patch with my wife.   I am trying to accommodate her demands and needs, but in the process I am finding that I am depriving myself of my needs and my wants.  That was the reason, snapped at her the night before, and now she is giving me the silent treatment.  Boy, I hate it and it is driving me nuts.  

Well, I ended up on the dog house last night after the fight, and to make things worse, I had a nightmare where I saw my ...